Award Criteria

  1. The award will be given for research accomplishments during the five years previous to the award.
  2. The research for which the award is given must result in publication.
  3. The winner of the award must be a full-time faculty member at ETSU.
  4. Only research and subsequent publication accomplished while serving as a faculty member at ETSU will be considered in making the award.
  5. Research of either basic or applied nature will be considered in making the award.
  6. The research for which the award is given may be sponsored or un-sponsored.
  7. Applications or nominations may be strengthened by the inclusion of communications from experts in the field who have reviewed the work.  Published reviews should be submitted for books or for comparable accomplishments in one of the arts.
  8. The letter of nomination should include a brief (one or two paragraph) description of the significance of the research in non-technical language.  The faculty will be asked to provide a current vita with full bibliographic information and description of funded and un-funded grant applications and awards, presentations of research and collaborative research efforts currently underway and copies of unpublished manuscripts, FAR's and FAE's for the past five years may also be included.