Staff Service Criteria

  1. The award will be given for distinguished service accomplishments achieved during a substantial period prior to the award.
  2. The nominee must be a full-time, tenured or non-tenured faculty member at ETSU, and only service while employed at ETSU will be considered in making this award.
  3. The service considered may have been provided to department, college, institution, professional organizations, community organizations, the general public or a combination of these.
  4. Service for which the faculty member received compensation will not be considered in making this award (Expenses and modest honoraria are not considered compensation).
  5. The letter of nominations should focus on the nature of the faculty member's contribution, its quality, its impact, its relation to the general welfare of the university and its effect on the university community.  Documentation should include a current vita and FAR/FAE's for the last three years.