Teaching Criteria

  1. The award will be given for consistently superior teaching accomplishments.
  2. The nominee must be a full-time tenured or non-tenured faculty member at ETSU, and only the teaching at ETSU will be considered in making this award.
  3. The teaching considered may be either undergraduate or graduate or both.
  4. A letter of nomination should address how this individual has excelled in areas of undergraduate and graduate teaching and include didactic courses, on-line classes, clinical supervision and/or research mentoring.  The faculty will be asked to provide a current vita, FAR/FAE's for the last three years and any other documentation to include such things as: 
    • Quality of presentation in classroom or field.
    • Command of subject matter.
    • Development and use of innovative methods.
    • Student's achievement.
    • Ability to motivate students.
    • Peer evaluation.
    • Student evaluation.
    • Current and professional development.
    • Advising, tutoring, direction of theses and dissertations and other forms of assisting students.
    • Textbooks or other published instructional materials indicative of teaching effectiveness.
    • Design or revision of courses, curricula and materials.
    • Management of instructional programs or components.
  5. Documentation should focus on the effectiveness of instruction and multiple sources of evidence.