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A Note About Content

The content of this site will include posts and videos that demonstrate the safety tips that are being promoted. More detailed information is also available in white papers that are published by students and faculty at East Tennessee State University.

You can access this information by clicking on the "Security Topics" link in the menu bar at the top of this page. It is our hope that the information we present to you will be both informative and enjoyable.


Welcome to the launch of ETSU's Cyber Safety web site! This site is focused on providing you with simple, yet vital information that will help you stay safe on the Internet. As the use of the Internet continues to grow and expand, including activities such as social networking (in its many flavors), communications, professional activities, online commerce, and online banking, so too does the effort of criminals to take advantage of the unwary.

The potential damages can be extreme, including financial losses, damage to your credit rating, and identity theft. In some cases, the "cyber-" crimes can bleed over into the real world and result in crimes against persons, like harassment, stalking, assault, or worse. It is possible, however, with a little knowledge, to protect yourself from them and to minimize the damage if you do become a target.

We hope that this site will help.

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