To access your Assessments in D2L you can click the Assessments link from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home.

assessment button 

The Assessment page is where you will access all your Quizzes and Tests that your Instructor makes available for you.  This page is also where you will come to review your Quiz/Test results and view class statistics.

Quizzes Home

Upon clicking the Assessments link you will be taken to the Quizzes Home Page.
assessment homepage

1.  The first thing you should note is the availability dates and times.  You will not be able to enter an assessment before the start date or after the end date unless the Instructor grants you special permission.

2.  The Attempts field will show you how many attempts the Instructor will allow and how may you have remaining. 

     **Under the Attempts field you will also see if you have an attempt in progress.  If you see a red * next to your attempt you left an    
       assessment without submitting it.You should always submit your attempts for grading. 

3.  To begin an assessment or view the description you can click the blue hyperlinked name of the assessment.  You will not begin the assessment by clicking this link but once on the next page you may click the Start Quiz link to actually begin. 

Taking an Assessment

From the Quizzes Homepage go ahead and select the Assessment you wish to attempt by clicking on the blue hyperlinked name of the assessment.  This will bring you to the Quiz Summary Page.

start a quiz page 
This page will give you the relevant information about the assessment you have chosen to attempt.  You will be given the allotted time, number of attempts allowed and completed, and any special instructions the Instructor may want to provide.  When you are ready to start go ahead and click Start Quiz! .

confirm to take quiz 


The first thing you will see after clicking  Start Quiz!  is the Quiz Confirmation Warning.  Just select Ok if you are ready to begin or Cancel if you need more time to prepare. 




After clicking Ok you will be taken to the first page of your Assessment.


1. The first thing to notice is the timer which will display the time limit for the assessment in the upper left corner of the window.  Be sure to complete your assessment before the time limit expires.

2.  Answer the assessment questions by selecting an answer from the list of options or by filling in the appropriate text field.

3.  Once you have answered a question you will want to save your answer by selecting the button or by selecting the button at the bottom of the page to save all answers on the current page. 
Save your responses frequently.  If your Internet connection is lost or you run out of time you may lose any unsaved responses.

As you Save questions you will see the Save status of your answers update in the Quiz Info box on the left side of the screen.

4.  Your Instructor may have chosen to have multiple pages on their assessment.  Click the blue arrow at the bottom right of the page to advance to the next page.  You may also select the blue arrow on the left of the page to return to the previous page.  (If allowed by your Instructor.)


5.  Once completed with the Assessment you can select the 1) Save All Responses to double check you have saved all your answers and 2)Go To Submit Quiz button. When you have finished (or your time limit is almost expired.)  Any unanswered questions will be displayed.  Click a final Submit Quiz when you are ready to submit your assessment attempt.  You will be asked if you are sure, click Yes to continue.

finished quiz

Once you click Go to Submit Quiz, this page will appear. Warnings will make you aware of any answers you left blank and allow you to go back and answer those questions. If you do not have warnings or if you are ready to submit your quiz, click the Submit Quiz button. 

quiz submit


quiz submission



Once you click the Submit Quiz button, you will see a confirmation pop-up. If you are ready to submit your quiz, select the Yes, submit quiz button. If you are not ready, click the No, don't submit quiz button.




Submission information allowed by your instructor may be available immediately.  Many instructors do not release any information until all assessments have been completed.  Please check with your instructor if you are not sure what information will be made available to you after your submission.  You may return to this information later by selecting the assessment and choosing Submissions.  Essay type questions will not be automatically graded.  Check with your instructor to find when that information might be available.  

submission confirmation 



This will appear as a confirmation that your quiz has successfully been submitted.





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