To access Content in D2L you can click the Content link from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home.

content button 

Content is where you will find all your course materials for your online course.  You will be able to access your course syllabus, lecture notes, and course readings.

Content Homepage

Upon clicking the Content Link from the top Navigation Bar you will be taken to the Content Homepage.

content homepage 

1.  While reading through your course content you can create bookmarks to return to at a later time. The Bookmarks button will open up a list of bookmarks you have created in your course files.

2. download The Download button will take you to a new page that will allow you to download or print multiple files at one time. 

      print and download content


3.  The Search Dialog box will allow you to search within your course materials to find a certain topic. 

4.  This area will contain the materials of your course.  The instructor can setup your course content in many different ways but generally your content will be setup in Modules with underlying Topics.  There are a few ways to list content:

  • word files These type of content materials will be Word files that you will need to download and open in your Word editor.

  • internal content These type of content materials will be Internal Documents that will open up within your browser window.

  • content link These type of content materials will be website URL's that will link out of D2L in a new browser window.

  • pdf linkThese type of content materials will be in a PDF format that will open within D2L. 

Opening Content within D2L 

Content materials that are designated by this icon will open with D2L.  You have a few tools that you will be able to use when viewing content this way.

This button will allow you to set whether the sidebar is open or closed.  The sidebar is to help you navigate through content in D2L.
This button will allow you to undock the content material from D2L and open it in a new window.
This button will allow you to create a bookmark inside your course material so you can return to it later.
This button will allow you to leave feedback for your instructor on this particular content item.
This button will allow you to print the course material.

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