To access the Dropbox in D2L you can click the Evaluation link group from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home and then select Dropbox.


The Dropbox allows instructors and students to exchange electronic files through D2L. Students submit assignments by uploading files to folders in the Dropbox.  Instructors view submitted files, provide grades and feedback all from within the Dropbox.

Dropbox Homepage

Upon clicking the Dropbox Link from the top Navigation Bar you will be taken to the Dropbox Homepage.

dropbox home

1. The History button will allow you to review your submission history.  You can check each file's size, when it was submitted, whether comments were included with it, and who has retrieved it.

2. This is a Dropbox folder called Paper 1.  Some Instructors may include an attachment that describes what the Assignment is which will be included as an attached file.  Simply click the title to open a new window to submit a file to the Dropbox.

3. The plagerismbutton is a feature that is controlled by your instructor. This is a plagiarism software that instructors can turn on to determine if an assignment has been plagiarized.  

4. If your Dropbox submission is a graded assignment you will receive your grade here.  This will remain blank until your Instructor grades your Dropbox submission.

5. This area will show you how many submissions you have made to this Dropbox folder.  If you click the number you will be taken to your submission History to view details of the submissions.

6. If your Instructor has left you Feedback on a Dropbox submission you will be able to view that here.  Simply click the blue hyperlinked text that says  View and you will be taken to the View Feedback page.

7. If your instructor sets an end date, this will be when the dropbox will close for submissions. 

Adding Files to the Dropbox 

If you click the name of the Dropbox folder you want to submit to from #2 above you will be taken to the Dropbox submission page.


1. This area contains information about the Dropbox Folder that your Instructor has specified.  There may be an attachment here that your Instructor provides explaining an assignment or what they want uploaded to the Dropbox.

2.   To upload a file to the Dropbox you will select the  button which will open up the Submit a File window. 

3. You can also add some comments such as your name and other relevant information you want to include for the Instructor. 

4. The Submit button will upload your file to D2L.  This will be your last step after uploading your file. OR The Cancel button will allow you to return to the Dropbox Folder list if you are not ready to submit your file or want to choose another Dropbox Folder.

submit step #2

5.  After you click the    from #2 you will be presented with the Submit a File page.  Click  Browse  to locate the file on your computer and double-click the file name or select the file and click  Open .  If you have more than one file to upload you can select   to attach more files.

6.  Once all your files have been attached you can select the  upload button  button to upload the file to the Dropbox submission page.

*After hitting submit (#4) your file will be uploaded to D2L for your Instructor to view.  You will be given a Submission Receipt, which is a record of the files submission to D2L.  The Submission will also be added to your Dropbox Submission history.  This information is very important because it is the proof you uploaded a file to D2L if there is ever any question. This receipt is also sent to your GoldMail e-mail account. Be sure that you not only receive this confirmation within D2L, but you also receive the confirmation email.  The receipt should look like this:

confirm submission

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