My Home

Upon entering D2L you will be taken to your My Home page in D2L.  Each user can have a customized Homepage based on individual settings and class assignments.


From My Home you can access your courses with the My Courses Widget and view D2L related announcements in the News Widget . Note that the news items featured on the My Home page are system-related, not course specific.


The Minibar

The new minibar is located at the top of your screen. This new feature allows you to quickly navigate between courses, view messages and alerts at a glance, and access your account settings. The minibar is pinned to the top of the window and is accessible whether you are inside of a course or on the My Home page. The minibar is comprised of three major sections: the Course Selection dropdown menu, the Alerts panel, and your personal settings dropdown menu. The minibar is also not course-specific.



How do I access my classes?

D2L courses are found in the widget called "My Courses" located in the middle of the screen.  Here your courses will be listed by semester and department.  Semesters and departments can be minimized by clicking the small arrow button located in the right corner of each listing.  If you have multiple roles in D2L you will be able to sort your courses by role as well.

My Home


Alternately, you can enter a course by selecting it from the Course Selection Dropdown menu from within the minibar. 


What are widgets?

When you login you will notice several small informational boxes in various sizes.  These boxes are called Widgets and can contain information and links.  The main Widgets you will find on the My Home page are:

News Widget

From My Home you will also be able to access the News Widget. This Widget is available and viewable by all users in D2L. The Office of eLearning will post D2L related information here from time to time. Server related issues such as outages and upgrades but also important information that may be relevant to all D2L users. You can minimize this widget from your My Home page but it cannot be removed.


ETSU Favorites

From My Home you will also be able to access the ETSU Favorites Widget. This Widget will contain links to useful ETSU websites. This Widget is created by the D2L administrators and cannot by removed but it can be minimized.


My ETSU Courses

The My ETSU Courses Widget is where you will be able to enter your courses in D2L. This widget obtains its information from the Banner Student Information System and any courses assigned to you using this system will appear here. Courses are listed by Semesters and then Departments. If you are enrolled in courses by different roles, such as Instructor and Student, your courses may be listed under separate tabs at the top of the widget. Just select the course by clicking it to enter it.



The "Welcome" Widget

The Welcome Widget allows you to change your personal preferences for D2L and also create your online profile that other users in D2L can view. The Welcome Widget is located on the left of the screen below the top navigation.


How do I set my D2L Preferences?

Changing your preferences allows you to customize many of your viewing options within D2L.  Remember, the preferences you set are personal and will not affect the way your students see your course.  Upon selecting the Preferences link from the Welcome Widget you will be taken to the Preferences Homepage.  Your Preferences in D2L are broken up into 5 tabs, simply click the tab for the preferences you want to set.

General Preferences

• Online Status – A green dot will appear next to the name of anyone online in D2L.  You can change your online status if you prefer that students not know you are online in D2L.  The setting will revert back the next time you login to D2L.  Students do not have this option.

• CD-Rom Drive – Allow you to specify your CD-Rom drive in case you have links to materials located on a CD in your computer.

Appearance & Accessibility

• Font Settings - Change the font settings in D2L to make text more readable for instructions and navigation bars.  This will not affect content viewing.  Also, if you increase the font size past 18 your navigation bars may disappear.

• Dialog Settings – Allows you to set the way secondary windows open in D2L.

• HTML Editor – Allows you to turn off the Rich Text Editor and view HTML source code.

Language & Region

• Language and Region Settings – Allows you to set your preferred language and also the first day of the week for your D2L Calendar.


• Personal Settings – Change the default view, display settings, list style, and reply settings for Discussion Boards, settings can also be changed in Discussion Tool.


• Email Options – Create reply email address and email signature.


• Pager Options – Change incoming page sound and Pager display notification.

How do I setup my Profile?

D2L makes it very easy to control your online persona.  You can include any information you would like to put up about yourself but remember that other D2L users (students, faculty, and staff) will be able to view this information.  Any information you put under profile will be viewed by anyone who can view your Classlist.  Only reveal what information you are comfortable revealing.

Your students can also setup their Online Profiles and this is a great tool to learn a little more about your students before classes even begin.

To access your Profile click the Profile link in the Welcome Widget to be taken to the Profile Homepage.

To change your online persona or picture select the  button and select a web friendly graphic on your computer.  You can use a jpg, gif, or png.  You can now fill in any information you want to reveal to other users in D2L.


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