What Former Students Say

"The ASIS summer program provided a new and unique perspective into Appalachia's past, present, and future. It's an extraordinary way for students to branch out from the usual classroom environment and learn a great deal about Appalachia in the process."

-Kate Smith, Kingsport, TN

"As a native of southwest Virginia, I found the ASIS summer program very rewarding because it helped me gain a new and deepened appreciation for the Appalachian region and its Scots-Irish ancestry. We enjoyed the fascinating guest speakers and engaging off-campus trips. My participation in this program greatly enhanced my pride in Appalachia.

-Heather Sykes, Big Stone Gap, VA

"I'm a non-traditional student. The ASIS program offered me the opportunity to visit Scotland, join with other Appalachian scholars for comparative study of America and Scotland, and conduct research on projects of individual interest. I enjoyed the fellowship of ETSU students and faculty, and the Scottish people were delightful. It was a memorable experience."

-Ernestine E. Upchurch, Maggie Valley, NC

"When studying abroad, cultures different from your own are exposed through new sights, sounds, ideas, people and feelings!"

-Donna Williams 2009

"Especially for those of us who have Scots-Irish roots, being in Derry for several days and also going to the Ulster Museum in County Donegal were worthwhile learning experiences. The time spent in Northern Ireland was quite complementary to our visits to locations in Scotland, including the visit to Orkney. the sojourn in Orkney was especially delightful and fascinating."

-Michele Tollie, Graduate Student 2009

"After walking the streets of such beautiful and vibrant cities, listening to incredibly brilliant professors, and witnessing phenomenal musicianship, I believe education should include more travel. Reading books and traveling to different places to experience new things is education at it's best."

-Amanda Aubrey, Graduate Student 2009

"The one thing I have taken away from this trip is probably a better appreciation for history. The entire trip was full of such rich history. My favorite parts were the walking tours of the Bogside in Free Derry, and the archeology of The Orkney Islands. The emotions I have from the Bogside will never leave me. The murals were so beautiful and learning the story behind each one was even more of a treat. The Orkney Islands had so much ancient history surrounding it. The Ring of Brodgar, Skara Brae, and Broch of Gurness were such a great sight for me."

-Jacob May, University of TN, Visiting Student, 2009