The Appalachian, Scottish, and Irish Studies (ASIS) program at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) proposes a cultural quest:  to search for deeper knowledge and clearer understanding of the relationships between Appalachia and its major cultural pregenitors, Scotland and Ireland. The study of Appalachian, Scottish, and Irish cultures as separate cultural traditions is certainly a worthy pursuit in and of itself; however, because large numbers of Scots-Irish immigrants settled in Appalachia, it is also imperative to study the effects that these cultures have had on each other.  This quest involves a number of disciplines, but principally those in the humanities, including social and cultural history, sociology and anthropology, geography, religion, creative arts, language folklore, music, literature, and education.  In the ASIS program, scholars and tradition-bearers from Appalachia, Scotland, and Ireland discuss and celebrate the similarities and differences among these three cultures.