Related Courses

APST 4567/5567           
Scottish Ethnology  (3 Credits)

A survey of Scottish ethnic and regional groups and their folk traditions.  Topics covered include life history, material culture, subsistence patterns, folk narrative, and beliefs and customs.

APST 4957/5957            
Special Topics:  Scotland's Music  (3 Credits)

APST 4337/5337            
Appalachia in Scotland (Study Abroad)  (3 - 6 Credits)

HIST 4957/5957            
Special Topics:  Scotland in History  (3 Credits)

BLUE 2460/3460/4460/5410   
Individual Instruction in Celtic Fiddle (1 Credit)   (Register under Bluegrass Fiddle)

BLUE 2410/3410/4410    
Individual Instruction in Celtic Guiatr (1 Credit)   

BLUE 2540/3540/4540/5510   
Celtic Band Class (1 Credit)

ENGL  4217/5217           
Irish /Scottish Literature (3 Credits)

Study of major writers in Irish and Scottish literature with attention to folklore and culture.