Description of the Program

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Experience the cultural offerings of Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands, the Isles of Skye, and the major cities of Glasgow
and Edinburgh.

Learn about Scottish & Irish folklore and history, storytelling and literature, music and the arts.  Attend lectures, discussions,
and performances by outstanding Scottish & Irish professors, musicians, and storytellers.  Experience the cultural offerings of
Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Orkney, as well as Northern Ireland. 


  • Three weeks in Scotland and Northern Ireland 
  • An interdisciplinary course of interest to students in Appalachian Studies, history, folklore, literature, storytelling, music, art, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, geology

  • Teachers are eminent Scottish ethnologists, historians, literary scholars, musicians, and storytellers

  • Opportunity to do independent research, perfect for students in a variety of disciplines -- education, nursing, social work, business, etc.

  • Three or six hours of credit, undergraduate or graduate, in Appalachian Studies

  • Course Dates (Summer Term I, 2015)

  • Itinerary (subject to change):

    • The University of Ulster in Derry, Northern Ireland

    • The University of Edinburgh

    • The University of Glasgow

    • Salhal Mor Ostaig (Gaelic College on Isle of Skye)

    • The University of Aberdeen

    • Orkney College