Summer Financial & Information


Can students do anything now to budget for expenses for a Summary Study Abroad Program?
Yes.  Since many students exhaust their student financial aid eligibility during the fall and spring semesters, it is important to reserve some of those funds to help cover the cost of a summery study abroad program.  Students should visit the Office of Financial aid early to discuss their particular eligibility.

Does the Office of Financial Aid need information about costs related tot he Summer Study Abroad Program?
Yes.  It is helpful to have the cost information from your Summer Study Abroad Program.  This information will be sent to the Financial Aid Office by the program director to be kept on file for the student's convenience.  The Financial Aid Office may be able to increase a student's cost of attendance budget in order to allow for additional summer financial aid including loans.

Are there scholarships available for Study Abroad students?
Yes.  You can visit the International Studies webpage for information about scholarships at: /honors/international/abroad/scholarships/education.aspx.  You can also visit the ETSU Scholarship Office webpage at

Students should check with their advisor to be sure these classes are approved to count as credit towards their degree.  Students must enroll in at leave six hours credit to receive most types of aid including student loans and the Federal Pell Grant.

Things the student should do to make the process easier:

If a student needs assistance paying for upfront deposits, airfare, etc., he/she should contact HALEY GREENWAY (  or 439-4300) in Financial Aid to determine if there is any remaining loan eligibility for the spring semester to help cover these costs.

Complete a "Release of Information" form in the Office of Financial Aid if a student wants someone else (i.e., parent/spouse) to have access to their financial aid information in their absence.  If the student plans to receive a balance of financial aid refund, we recommend that he/she completes an authorization for direct deposit.  This can be completed on Goldlink.

Contact Financial Aid at least two months before the departure date to resolve any outstanding issues that could impact disbursement of financial aid.

Check Goldlink regularly.  Most correspondence will be sent to a student's Goldmail account.

Contact Financial Aid again, at least two weeks before departure to make sure all paperwork is complete and the balance of the financial aid refund will be available prior to departure.

ETSU Office of Financial Aid
Room 105, Dossett Hall
P.O. Box 70722
Johnson City, TN 37614
423-439-4300 or