Requirements for the Minor

Curriculum (courses and requirements)

for the Environmental Studies minor
Last updated November 2013

21 credit hours total.  (Also note: Of all credit hours counted towards the minor, at least 9 hours must be at the 3000-level or above. )

I. Required Courses (6 credit hours)
ENVS 2010 The Natural Environment in Appalachia
    OR . . .
ENVH 3010  Human Ecology and Environmental Education

    AND . . .
ENVS 4950  Integrative Seminar in Environmental Studies
  (prerequisites: At least 12 credits in environmental studies approved coursework)

II. Electives (15 credit hours)
A. Science courses (choose at least two courses from here)

BIOL 1010/11   Biology for Non-majors I (or BIOL 1110/11 for Biology for Science Majors I)

  (4 cr hours)
BIOL 4047  Ecology Field Trip
  (prerequisites: BIOL 1110/11. BIOL 1120/21, BIOL 1130/31 or equivalent; and permission of instructor)
BIOL 4247   Flora of the Southern Appalachians

  (prerequisites: BIOL 1110/11. BIOL 1120/21, BIOL 1130/31 or equivalent; and permission of instructor)
BIOL 4737 Conservation Biology

  (prerequisites: BIOL 3100 or equivalent)

ENVH 3400   Introduction to Air Pollution

  (prerequisites: CHEM 1110/11 or permission of instructor)
w ENVH 4000  Public Health Law
GEOG 3040  Conservation of Natural Resources
GEOG 3120  Introduction to Geography of Southern Appalachia
GEOL 2040   Earth System and Global Change

GEOL 2050   Earth Resources

SCED 4020  Wildlife Conservation
  (prerequisites: 8 credits science)

B. Humanities / social science courses (Choose at least two courses from here)

ANTH 3250   Environmental Anthropology

w #ENGL 3040  Literary Nonfiction [Environmental Focus]
w ENGL 3050  Literature and the Environment
GEOL 3481   Natural Hazards and Society

  (prerequisites: GEOL 1040 or permission of the instructor)

w BADM 4657   Strategic Environmental Management in Business
  (prerequisites: BADM 3000 or permission of instructor)
BADM 4667   Environmental Law for Business

  (prerequisites: BADM 3000, or BADM 5020, or equivalent)

PHIL 3140  Environmental Philosophy

  (prerequisites: Two PHIL courses at the 1000-2000 level or permission of the instructor)
PHIL 3160  Native American Thinking

  (prerequisite: One PHIL course at the 2000 level or permission of the instructor)
PSCI 4450   Appalachian Politics

  (offered only in presummer sessions)  
PSYC 3500   Ecopsychology: The Nature-Human Relationship

  (prerequisite: PSYC 1310 or permission of instructor)  
x SALM 3110   Intepretation of Cultural and Natural Resources

SALM 3130  Natural Resource Management

SALM   3150   Regional Outdoor Leadership and Service

x #SRVL 1020  Introduction to Service-Learning in the Community [Environmental Focus]

C. Choose an addition 3 credits from either I or II, above.

III.   Guided Electives with Permission

The following courses may count towards the "guided electives" categories, above, only with permission of the Director of the Environmental Studies minor.

A. Science courses

*ENVH 3040   Environmental Sanitation

B. Humanities/ social science courses:

*HIST 4167   History of Southern Appalachia


w = writing-intensive course
x = writing- and oral- intensive.
# ENGL 3040 and SRVL 1020 (both under section II.B., below) count toward an Environmental Studies Minor only when the course is taught with a special topic in an environmental issue.

All course listed here are 3 credit hours except for BIOL 1010/11 & 1110/11

Students may substitute some coursework with an environmental focus, with the permission of the ENVS Committee. Students should submit such requests to the Director and include syllabi and other supporting material.