Graduate Certificate

The Department of Appalachian Studies, along with the Center for Appalachian Studies
and Services, provides a centralized unit for developing degrees and certificates, promoting
research, and extending the service mission of East Tennessee State University.

In addition to its undergraduate programs, the Department offers a Graduate Certificate in
Appalachian Studies, which is a natural fit for ETSU, with its strong history of service to
Appalachia and a mission that embraces its Southern Appalachian identity and setting.

ETSU's Graduate Certificate in Appalachian studies is a first for the State of Tennessee. 
The certificate is appropriate for current and prospective students who want to understand
the region from a variety of historical, cultural, and global perspectives.  

The Graduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies is designed to meet the needs of three student audiences: (1) students for whom a certificate in the discipline of Appalachian studies will improve their qualifications for the job market; (2) students who are already in the workforce or in degree programs but can profit from and perhaps advance in their careers with deeper knowledge of the region; and (3) students who are interested in understanding the region from a variety of historical, cultural, and global perspectives; who will profit from concentrated study and research; and, who may plan to enter masters programs at a later date. Specific areas of employment that may be enhanced by this certificate include education, local and regional planning, economic development, service organizations, cultural and arts organizations, and health-related careers.

A student who completes the Graduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies may transfer all 18 credits to the Master of Arts in Appalachian Studies program, with the approval of the APST graduate coordinator.  All transfer credit, however, must meet GPA requirements and must be within the six-year matriculation limit.

We thank you for taking the time to visit the Department of Appalachian Studies Graduate Certificate website.

Roberta Herrin, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator
(423) 439-7997

Ron Roach, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Appalachian Studies
(423) 439-7494