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Concealed Handguns on the ETSU campus


This website has been created to provide information and answer questions regarding the new law in Tennessee that allows for some full-time faculty and staff with handgun carry permits who have notified authorities to carry their concealed guns on college campuses. The resources available on this site include:

  • A listing of frequently asked questions (FAQ);
  • A map showing areas of campus where guns are still prohibited;
  • The ETSU policies regarding guns on campus;
  • The full text of the new law; and
  • A notification form for those full-time faculty and staff intending to carry a concealed handgun.

We strongly encourage all students, faculty and staff to carefully review this site and to become familiar with the specific rules and regulations.

The FAQ section addresses many of the questions that have been raised in recent months regarding this new law.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ETSU Department of Public Safety at 423-439-4480 or Email: .

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