Institutions’ Responsibilities

Institutions' Responsibilities
     - Tennessee Community College will forward copies of all application materials
       to the Office of Admission at ETSU including: application for admission,
       application for DAP, non-binding Intent-to-Enroll form, official high school
       transcript, official college transcript, and official ACT/SAT scores for applicants
       less than 21 years of age. Additional information may be required.
     - Both the Tennessee Community College and ETSU will track Dual
      Admission students in their student information systems.
     - Both the Tennessee Community College and ETSU will assign each
       student to an advisor from each campus.
     - Each institution will develop a web site specifically for the Dual
      Admissions Program.
     - At the end of each semester, the Tennessee Community College will provide
      ETSU an official transcript for each participant in the DAP, and student work
      at the Tennessee Community College will be posted as transfer credit in the
      student information system at ETSU.
     - Each institution will establish a primary and secondary campus contract.
     - The Tennessee Community College will refer students to the ETSU primary
       and secondary campus contacts during their first semester of enrollment in the
       Dual Admissions Program.Students will work jointly with the TBR community
       college and ETSU contacts to determine course selection.