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Office of Student Success – Division of Equity and Diversity

The Office of Equity and Diversity's Student Success Programs provide assistance to underrepresented students and help meet important goals while at ETSU. Our goal is to help with a smooth transition from High School to College, stay enrolled, help with any problems that might arise, and help them graduate in a timely manner. The Office of Equity and Diversity collaborates with other academic departments and university offices to coordinate a number of campus wide programs to improve the overall academic and social experiences of underrepresented students that will in turn support them in their academic growth and personal development. The Student Success Programs serve as a point-of-contact to answer questions from students and parents, and we connect students to the person or office who can best assist them in the situation. We sincerely care about our students, and we want to help them achieve their dreams, goals, and reach their highest potential during their time at ETSU.  

The Student Success Programs promote success of the overall educational experience by helping students get connected to ETSU faculty and staff with whom they build positive and lasting relationships. The Office of Equity and Diversity is devoted to the concept that all students are important and deserve the chance to succeed. One of the goals for The Office of Equity and Diversity is that all programs and services will be known for focusing on undergraduate retention and graduation by promoting a culture which meets the cognitive, social, and institutional needs of our underrepresented undergraduate students.



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