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Driving Directions to ETSU Main Campus (in Johnson City, TN)

Note: If you use a search engine to obtain directions to ETSU, confirm the directions are to the ETSU main campus.

GPS device: ETSU address - 1276 Gilbreath Dr., Johnson City, TN 37614.

This is a relatively new address, if it isn't recognized, use 807 University Parkway, Johnson City, TN 37614.

Driving Directions

1. Coming from the north, south and west, use I-81
2. Exit onto I-26 toward Johnson City/ Asheville
3. Take exit 24 onto University Parkway and follow the signs to campus
4. Coming from the east, take I-26 from Asheville, NC, then 24 onto University Parkway. Follow the signs to campus

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Map of Campus

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