Driving Directions to ETSU Main Campus (in Johnson City, TN)

Note: If you use a search engine to obtain directions to ETSU, be sure the directions are to our main campus.

For your GPS device: Our Physical address is 1276 Gilbreath Dr., Johnson City, TN 37614. This is a relatively new address, so if your device does not find that address, please try 807 University Parkway, Johnson City, TN 37614.

Driving Directions

1. Coming from the north, south and west, use I-81.
2. Exit onto I-26 toward Johnson City/ Asheville.
3. Take exit 24 onto University Parkway and follow the signs to campus.
4. Coming from the east, take I-26 from Asheville, NC, then 24 onto University Parkway. Follow the signs to campus.

Directions to Carnegie Hotel 

Map of Campus