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ETSU's BEST is committed to facilitating the academic and social transition of incoming first-year underrepresented students. The program empowers students to pursue their academic, professional, social, and personal goals. Mentors in the program provide student support and guidance to increase the students' success and increase engagement with the ETSU community.


ETSU's BEST fosters, broadens, and executes its mission through the following building blocks:
  • Personal Achievement - through seamless academic and extracurricular transition.
  • Interpersonal Integrity - through community and service projects participation.
  • Organizational Engagement - through internship and organizational leadership seminars.
  • Career/Graduate School Endeavor - through campus leadership role, networking workshops and e-portfolio.


We have identified four goals key to this aspiration:
  • Sustain and strengthen a vital student success program for undergraduates committed to increasing the volume of underrepresented students in the university.
  • Foster a supportive community for all underrepresented students at ETSU.
  • Improve diversity and equity climate at ETSU.
  • Broaden the pipeline of talented underrepresented students in all areas at ETSU.


  • Increase the academic success and retention rates of new freshmen and transfer students.
  • Assist underrepresented students with socio-academic integration into the University.
  • Improve motivation and engagement of both mentors and mentees.
  • Engage and connect students with each other so that they develop a sense of belonging.
  • Help students develop confidence in communicating with faculty on academic and personal level.


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