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Applications for 2017-2018 QUEST Leader/Assistant  Applications


QUEST for Success is a college transition program that is designed to help underrepresented students become acclimated to campus life while building a network of friends, faculty, and staff to assist them through their college journey.  The QUEST for Success participants will gain insight on campus life and become familiar with our academic support services. The program also provides students with an opportunity to connect with current students and meet new ones. 

QUEST for Success seeks to increase underrepresented minority student participation in all academic opportunities involving leadership, study abroad, research, and internships thereby integrating them into the institution both academically and socially.

QUEST for Success focuses particularly on providing students from underrepresented minority population groups at East Tennessee State University with supplemental resources and preparation that will contribute to their success in the university’s academic environment and beyond. Students meet regularly throughout the year, and each meeting will be geared towards one of following development areas:

  • Personal Development (Q1/ Freshman Year)
  • Interpersonal Development (Q2/Sophomore Year)
  • Organization Development (Q3/Junior Year)
  • Career Transitioning (Q4/Senior Year)

Additionally, all sessions will incorporate a collaborative effort by QUEST for Success staff and leaders and also various departments on campus and/or throughout the surrounding community.

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