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What is Marketplace?

Touchnet Marketplace for Faculty and Staff

Touchnet Marketplace is used for conferences, classes and many different things.  There are some examples listed below.  We can use your page banner, images and tweak it to your liking.  The Credit Card Policy describes the policy on taking online credit card payments.  You will need to complete the Request for Online Payment Site. Please submit the form through the listed signature chain. Once we receive your form, we will apply for the merchant id, which does not cost your department anything.  A detail code will be set up with the account numbers that you give us, and the monies will automatically feed to your account through Banner.

Center for Appalachian Studies is an example of one of the online payment sites that is currently active.  They sell books, magazines, posters and other such stuff.  It calculates the shipping and tax on these items. 

ETSU Summer Study Abroad takes deposits and balance due for their study abroad trips. 

ETSU Mathematics & Statistics Department takes registration and trip registrations for a conference.

 example of Marketplace page

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