What is Marketplace?

Marketplace for Faculty and Staff

There are basically two options for taking payments within Marketplace: uStore and uPay. The first, uStore allows users to create a generic web store with "products" that can be purchased online via credit card. TouchNet hosts the secure payment gateway so no credit card information is stored by ETSU. . Web expertise is not required to create a store with the uStore option, as long as a generic store will work.

Many departments can utilize their existing website with Marketplace with the uPay option. This will provide greater creative control of the "look and feel" than with the basic Marketplace uStore option, but still need to be able to take credit card payment. If you develop your own site, there is another option within Marketplace called uPay that provides a link out from your site to take payment on a secure gateway, again hosted by TouchNet, then return back to your site after payment. This option is called uPay. Many departments are using this to allow online payment for conference registration, etc. Please note that uPay must adhere to

If you decide to proceed, please fill out the Online Payment Site Request Form. We will then provide access to your site. If you choose the uPay option, there are some other technical documents that you will need to have before beginning as well.