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FP-1 Contents and Purpose of the Financial Procedures Manual

The Financial Procedures Manual sets forth the basic policies and procedures for East Tennessee State University for the guidance of deans, department heads, and other personnel charged with fiscal responsibilities.  All procedures in the manual with the exception of FP-2 apply to the East Tennessee State University Foundation; however, departments who receive Foundation money must deposit it in the Office of Development within 72 hours.

All personnel with fiscal responsibility should review their operations to insure that procedures currently employed are in conformity with University and Tennessee Board of Regents policies stated herein.

In the event there is any doubt as to whether or not certain departmental procedures being employed are in conflict with these statements, the University Financial Services Office should be notified and requested to review the questioned procedure.

The contents of this manual are listed numerically by section title on the following page.  The University Financial Services Office may be contacted for questions regarding policies contained in this manual.

The contents of this manual cover the following areas:

    FP-2    Cash Receipts and Deposits
    FP-3    Petty Cash
    FP-4    Purchasing Policies and Procedures
    FP-5    Receipt of Materials/Approval of Invoices
    FP-6    Department Services
    FP-7    Travel Regulations
    FP-8    Grant and Contract Procedures
    FP-9    Records Disposal
    FP-10  Collection of Accounts Receivable
    FP-11  Equipment Control and Accountability
    FP-12  Public Records - Inspecting and Copying
    FP-13  Accounting Systems/Object Codes/Control
    FP-14  Third Party Contracts and Agreements
    FP-15  Payroll Procedures
    FP-16  Key Control Procedures
    FP-17  Personnel Procedures
    FP-18  Risk Management and Liability Coverage
    FP-19  Telecommunications Policy
    FP-20  Signature Authorization Process
    FP-21  Flowers, Business Meals and Recognition Events
    FP-22  ETSU Foundation Expenditure Policy
    FP-23  Policy On Access To Financial Records
    FP-24  Policy on Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts
    FP-25  Maintenance and Renovation Projects, deleted January 12, 2004
    FP-26  Use of Memorial Center and Brooks Gym, deleted January 12, 2004
    FP-27  Approval of Fees
    FP-28  Use of Fifteen Passenger Vans
    FP-29  Purchase of Bottled Water
    FP-30  Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy
    FP-31  Cellular Phone Policy
    FP-32  Identity Theft Prevention Policy
    FP-33  Direct Deposit of Pay
    FP-34  Security Camera Policy

Original effective date: April 9, 1982
Revised: October 1, 1987; November 1, 1989; April 1, 1994; May 1, 1996; February 19, 2001; September 21, 2001, September 9, 2003, January 12, 2004, June 16, 2004, March 16, 2006; February 22, 2010, November 12, 2010
Last review: February 18, 2011

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