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Please call 9-4414 with any problems, questions, or comments about these electronic forms.  Forms which cannot be completed online must be downloaded and printed off your computer.  They can then be completed by hand or on a typewriter.

Accounts Payable
word icon Accounts Payable
Direct Deposit
Version 03/08/2010
  excel icon Business Meal and
Recognition Event Payment

Version 02/19/2014
  excel icon Cell Phone Equipment 
Allowance Request

Version 02/28/2012
  excel icon Reimbursement or 
Check Request

Version 06/16/2015
word icon eBucs Approver 
Setup Form

Version 09/29/2010
excel icon Request for Budget
Revision Form

Version 01/15/2009
College of Medicine
excel icon Agency Account
Request for
Auth. of Signature

Version 07/10/2014
  excel icon Financial Services
Request for
Auth. of Signature

Version 08/12/2014
excel icon Agreement Routing
Version 10/01/2013
  excel icon Agreement Routing
Division of Health Sciences

Version 10/01/2013
  word icon Agreement Routing 

Version 10/01/2013
  word icon Amendment to Contract
Version 02/20/2002
word icon Clinical Affiliation

Version 08/12/2008
  word icon Common Law
Test Questions
Version 04/20/2004
  word icon Dual Services

Version 02/20/2002
  word icon HIPAA Business
Associate Agreement

Version 11/16/2015
word icon Preceptor Agreement
Version 07/18/2003
  excel icon Request for Payment
personal services less
than $5,000

Version 10/01/2013
  pdf icon W-9 - Request for
Taxpayer Identification

Version 08/04/2014
  word icon Software License

Version 02/20/2002
word icon Standard Contract
Version 02/20/2002
  word icon Standard Contract
Terms & Conditions

Version 02/20/2002
  word icon Use of Campus
Facilities Agreement

Version 03/29/2016
Educational Benefits
pdf icon Request for Education 

(Fee Waiver & 
  pdf icon Request for Fee 
Discount for Spouse 
and/or Dependent
  pdf icon Request for 
Tuition Reimbursement
  pdf icon Fee Discount, Children 
Public School Teachers
or State Employees
pdf icon TBR Faculty/Admin/
Professional Staff 
Grant-In-Aid (Contract)
  pdf icon TBR Faculty/Admin/
Professional Staff 
  pdf icon Grant and Program 
Payment Request
  pdf icon Public Higher Education 
Fee Waiver for State Employees
pdf icon Credit Card

Version 03/29/2012
  pdf icon Foundation Deposit
Transmittal Form

Version 03/29/2012
  excel icon Scholarship
Version 03/13/2015
Grant Accounting
word icon Cost Transfer
Request Form

Version 05/29/2015
  pdf icon Cost Waiver
  pdf icon No Cost Extension   pdf icon Cash Payment Acknowledgement of Receipt
pdf icon Pre Award Sponsored
Account Request
  pdf icon Request Exception
to PI Eligibility
  pdf icon Re-Budget Request   excel icon Grant Internal Routing
excel icon Fiscal Year
Salary Allocation

Version 03/01/2012
    pdf icon Request for Cash Payment to Research Participants     pdf icon Traditional Gift Card Acknowledgement      
excel icon Request for
Authorization of Signature
Version 08/12/2014
  excel icon Campus Dining
Services Request

Version 11/18/2009
  excel icon Campus Diining Serv.
Version 11/17/2009
  excel icon Contract Voucher
Version 07/11/2012
pdf icon Departmental Receipting
Deposit General
Version 11/27/2012
  word icon Equipment Justification
Version 02/20/2002
  pdf icon Goldlink Finance Account Request
Version 07/02/2010
  word icon Invoice Request
Version 06/24/2015
word icon One-Time Credit Card
Payment Authorization
Version 11/27/2012
  excel icon Records Disposal
Version 11/17/2015
  Dynamic Form Icon Request Payment Site
Version 05/23/2016
(Dynamic Form)
  excel icon Request for
Materials Fee
excel icon Request for New
Agency Fund
Version 05/28/2014
  excel icon Request for New Organization/INDEX
Version 03/31/2011
  word icon Request for New
Detail Code
Version 08/08/2013
  pdf icon Request to Inspect/
Copy Public Records
word icon Authorization of
Direct Deposit
Version 2/28/2012
  excel icon Fiscal Year
Salary Allocation
Version 03/01/2012
  excel icon Cell Phone
Allowance Request or Cancellation
Version 07/01/2013
  word icon Request Extra
Compensation for
University Employee
pdf icon TBR 401(K) and
457 Enrollment
  great west icon TBR 401(K) and
457 Changes
(Must be processed
through Great West)
  pdf icon TBR 401(K) and 457 Longevity Deferral
Changes Only
  pdf icon Time Report
Version 11/21/2016
excel icon 403(b) Deferral Change Version 01/06/2009                  
word icon E.G. Hughes
Enrollment Loan

Version 01/23/2014
  word icon University/E.G. Hughes
Kick-Start Loan

Version 01/13/2014
  word icon University Short-
Term Loan
Version 01/23/2014
  word icon E. G. Hughes
Emergency Event Loan

Version 01/13/2014
pdf icon Perkins Loan

  word icon Perkins Hardship Deferment/Forbearance Postponement
Version 03/04/2005
  word icon QCOM Resident Emergency Loan Fund Application
Version 09/10/2007
  word icon Student Loan
Version 09/10/2007
etsu logo University Sponsored Enroll. Kick Start, Short Term/Emergency Loans
Version 01/13/2014
  word icon Student Refund
Version 03/02/2016
  word icon Study Abroad
Bridge Loan
Version 02/20/2013
  pdf icon Things You Should
Know When Withdrawing
pdf icon Travel Request for
Large Vans/Mini-Bus

Version 09/09/2015 
  excel icon Claim for Mileage
Only Travel Expenses
Version 09/10/2015
  excel icon Claim for Travel
Version 09/03/2015
  pdf icon Proof of Insurance (Enterprise Rent-A-Car)
excel icon Registration Fee
Prepayment Request

Version 09/12/2008
  excel icon Request for Exception
for Travel Advance
  excel icon Travel Authorization

Version 01/27/2016
direct edit