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The signature authorization process is outlined by the following three exhibits that detail the order in which required signatures are to be obtained. Any approving authority can designate their signature, with their supervisors' approval. Approving authorities and designees' names and signature examples must be filed with the Comptroller's Office for verification when processing University documents. All approving authorities are reminded of their responsibility for submitting documents according to ETSU, TBR, state, and federal policies, procedures, guidelines, and regulations.


Exhibit 20.A General Signature Authority Process, June 6, 2005
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Exhibit 20.B General Signature Authority Process for Grant Accounts, August 28, 2002
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Exhibit 20.C Special Approval Requirements
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Original effective date: October 1, 1993
Revised: February 11, 1994; January 1, 1996, February 18, 2002; June 6, 2005
Last review: June 6, 2005

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