132 Stout Drive 
 Located at the main University Parkway entrance to campus in front of Centennial Hall.
132 Stout Drive

(Please be aware that GPS may not direct you to the correct location.) 

Monday - Friday  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Drive-Through Window Opens at 7:30 a.m. for Temporary & Visitor Permits Only


All vehicles parked on the
ETSU main campus or the ETSU/VA campus 
are required to display a parking permit.

Click HERE to Request a Visitor or Temporary Parking Permit



Football Stadium Construction Updates

    • Lot 18 is now closed.

    • Lot 19 will be closed to parking beginning March 7, 2016.  All vehicles must be removed from this lot prior to March 7.   Any vehicles remaining in the lot after this date will be towed at the owners' expense.

    • Lot 20 off Beller Drive, between Lyle and Earnest Houses, will be closed to parking beginning March 21, 2016.  Approximately 6 street parking spaces will also be closed and blocked to parking at the same time.  These spaces run along Beller Drive from the northwest paved area entrance at Wilson-Wallis Hall south to the entrance to Lot 20.  These closures are due to construction of the new ETSU Data Center project, which is expected to last one year.

    • A portion of Jack Vest Drive running the western length of Lucille Clement Hall, from the middle portion of Lot 38 in front of the CPA, past South Dossett Drive up to Lot 17A beside the Physical Plant, will close on June 4, 2016
      No vehicle traffic will be permitted in this area during this closure. 
      Closure is necessary for the construction of a new traffic system in front of the football stadium.

                Visit our information page to find out more.


Please be advised that Parking Lot 38 in front of the CPA
is for use by patrons of the CPA only. 

Parking in these spaces is limited exclusively
to the timeframe during which you are utilizing the CPA. 

Individuals observed parking in these spaces
and walking elsewhere on campus other than into the CPA will be cited. 

  We would also like to remind you that street parking is no longer available
on Jack Vest Drive
along the west side perimeter
of Lucille Clements Hall in front of the CPA. 

Vehicles parked in this area at any time will be cited. 
Please make sure that your vehicle is parked in an authorized space
at all times with proper permit in place.


Parking Closures Lot 19


Lot 20 Closure  



 Permit Request

Click HERE for video instruction on
how to request visitor or temporary
parking permits!


  How Appeal

Click HERE for video instructions on
how to file an Appeal for Parking Citations
through our online automated system!











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