Rules & Regulations

15-16 Parking and Traffic Regulations

2015-2016 ETSU Parking & Traffic Regulations



Please note that all motorcycles and scooters are required to obtain and display an ETSU Motorcycle parking permit.

All vehicles displaying a state-issued disability license plate or placard  are required to also obtain and display an ETSU Disability parking permit.

As of September 1, 2013, persons with disability permits are no longer allowed to park in the 20-minute parking spaces for unlimited periods of time. We appreciate your cooperation.

Towing Policy

- East Tennessee State University assumes no liability for vehicles towed.  Towing of a vehicle will occur at the owner's / operator's expense.

- East Tennessee State University reserves the right to tow any vehicle found on campus that is in violation of towable offenses under the       University Parking & Traffic Regulations, Section 5.10, Towing Policy.

- Any vehicle will be towed immediately if a vehicle is:

  • Blocking access to, prevents the use of, or inhibits operation of a facility, structure, or activity.
  • Causing damage or presenting a safety hazard.

- The University reserves the right to tow vehicles parked on University property if a vehicle is:

  • Inoperable, derelict, or abandoned.
  • Not in compliance with state regulations and University Parking & Traffic Regulations.

- If a tow truck is called to campus and the owner / operator of the vehicle appears before the car is towed away, the vehicle may be released.  However, the owner / operator must pay the dry run fee to the tow truck operator.

- When a vehicle is towed, the owner / operator of the vehicle must go to Public Safety (2nd Floor, Parking Garage) to obtain information on the fine, tow expenses, and location of the vehicle.

Please contact the Parking Services Office for more information.

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