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Department Billing

When sending mailings for departments, proper form submissions provide us with the best ability to quickly and accurately process your request. The forms below are each of equal importance depending on your needs. If you have questions regarding your request, please contact the ETSU Post Office. Please utilize the correct request form based on the below descriptions:

  1. Department Stamp Request - Departments can request physical stamps via this form.
  2. Transmittal Slip - Required for use with general department mailing requests .
  3. Mail Preparation Form - Required for use for bulk mailing requests .
  4. Postal Services Pricing


Transmittal Slip

When submitting a mailing request from any department please provide the following  up-to-date Transmittal Slip .  This form provides all necessary information to quickly and accurately process your request.  Below is an example of the most up-to-date department transmittal slip. Click the picture or the link below the photo to download a printable sheet.

Example Mail Transmittal Slip, which can be downloaded before as an excel file.


Mail Preparation Form

Departments issuing a Bulk Mailing Request are  required  to utilize the Mail Preparation Form instead of the Transmittal Slip above.  

Click Here to download the most up-to-date version of our Mail Preparation Form

  Postal Services Pricing

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