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Bulk Mail & Bulk Mail Purchases

Photograph of a Bulk Mailing Tub

Lorton Data Functions 

Mail Piece Requirements:

A minimum of 200 pieces or 50 lbs. of identical mail is required.
• All mail must be destined for a U.S. address. No foreign mail may be sent in a standard mailing.
• The pieces must be of identical size, weight and content, no exceptions made.
• Each piece must weigh less than 16 oz.
• The mailing piece must be printed or duplicated material.
• Standard mail cannot contain bills, statements, or personal messages.
• Mail pieces must be rectangle in shape. The address must be placed parallel to the longer side of the mailing piece.


• Always use your department name:

East Tennessee State University
Postal Services
BOX 12345
Johnson City, TN 37614

• Use pre-printed mailing indicia. (Ours is 194) 

Mailing Lists:

• Mailing list data files must be in Excel format. No other formats will be accepted. If the mailing list is not provided in a format that we can use, it will be returned to you for correction.

• When creating a data file for your mailing list, please follow the structure in the example below.

Sample mailing list format:

Example List: Prefix First Name Middle Name Last Name Title Company Main Address 2nd Address City State Zip Mr. John H Doe   34 North Drive  Johnson City TN 37604 Dr. Alex  Bucky President ABC Inc PO Box 12345  Johnson City TN 37614 Dr & Mrs. Jessica B Pirate   1308 Jacobs Suite 25 Jonesboro TN 37659

Click Here to Download sample mailing list (Excel format)

Submittal of Standard Mail Project:

Submit your request for a project using our ETSU POSTAL SERVICES MAIL PREPARATION/POSTAGE FORM 

• For additional information on submitting requests, Contact the ETSU Postal Services office at

Time Frames - Scheduling of Standard Mail Project:

• Schedule your project at least five days in advance, and allow 6 to 14 days for the USPS to deliver.

• Typical turnaround time on a mailing under 5000 peices will be 24 hours, depending on the size of your mailing job. On large complicated mailings, please call ahead for a turnaround time.

USPS Handling of Standard Mail:

• The USPS will recycle all undeliverable mail.

• The USPS can and will open standard mail pieces for content inspection.






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