Maintain Eligibility

Maintain Satisfactory Progress   

Federal regulations require that all student financial aid recipients adhere to the ETSU Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy as they work toward earning a degree.   In order to assure that students make progress toward the degree both in terms of number of hours completed and cumulative GPA , progress is measured by the student’s cumulative grade point average, percentage of credit hours earned in relation to those attempted, and the length of the academic program.


Attend Class or Consult Your Advisor

Class attendance will help you succeed!   Class Attendance is required to continue eligibility for federal grants, loans, work study, scholarship, and lottery eligibility. ETSU participates in Title IV financial aid programs and has to report student attendance and withdrawing from the university.   Consult the Unofficial Withdrawal Policy and Student Attendance for information that may affect you.

Dropping, withdrawing, or cancelling classes may impact your financial aid eligibility, including Lottery Scholarship, both current and/or future.   Be sure to contact your Financial Aid Counselor BEFORE dropping, withdrawing, or cancelling a class and read Things You Should Know When Withdrawing .


Maintain Scholarship Eligibility

Initial eligibility criteria and renewal criteria vary from one scholarship program to another. Unless otherwise stated, scholarships, research grants, assistantships, and awards are not renewed automatically.   If you received a scholarship, refer to the information sent with your award notification, the scholarship announcement, or contract.   Additionally you may ask the program coordinator for renewal information.  If you are a lottery scholarship recipient, be sure to read Don’t Lose Hope .


Know Your Limits

Financial Aid is subject to a lifetime and annual eligibility limit.  Graduate and Undergraduate students must not exceed annual or lifetime loan limits.  The duration of a student's eligibility to receive a Federal Pell Grant is 12 full-time semesters (or its equivalent).  Pell Grant is available to ETSU Undergraduate students seeking their first bachelor degree only.  Graduate students qualify for only Unsubsidized Direct Loans.  Subsidized Direct loans may be available to undergraduate students depending on their need as determined by the FAFSA.  

For more specific information regarding eligibility limits, click here.