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How do I know the status of my financial aid?

  • Check your financial aid status on GoldLink frequently.
  • Visit ETSU and click on GoldLink which is located on the top Gold Bar. 
  • Log onto GoldLink:  
    • New students who have not registered for classes should look under the column headed “Prospective & Newly Admitted Students” and click on Self-Service Banner to log into GoldLink.  For assistance logging into your GoldLink via Self-Service Banner, please contact the Registration Help Line at 423.439.5584 (M-F 8-4:30pm EST). 
    • Current students and new students who have registered for classes can log into GoldLink under the first column “Sign into GoldLink” and sign into it using your username and password. For assistance logging into the ETSU Portal, contact OIT Help Desk at 423.439.4648 or Then click on GoldLink Self-Service Folder.
  • Click on "Financial Aid .
  • Click on the "Eligibility , then click on "Student Requirements .
  • If "Unsatisfied Requirements are listed, look at the "Outstanding Requirements column to see what is needed.
  • If the outstanding requirement is a form that you need to get from our office, the requirement will be listed in blue and you will be able to click on the link to access the form from our web site for you to print out, complete, and return.
  • If all requirements say "Received and Complete", look for the "Ready to Package" notation.  This means your file is in line to be awarded any aid for which you are determined to be eligible.
    NOTE:  The ETSU Office of Financial Aid does not give out processing dates.  Documents, files, etc. are processed in the date order in which they are received or completed.


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