ETSU School of Graduate Studies and Graduate Council Outstanding Thesis, Dissertation, and Capstone Awards (2009-2010)

Award Recipients

Margaret Shipley Carr

Margaret Shipley Carr Name: Margaret Shipley Carr
Outstanding Thesis in Arts and Humanities: The Temperance Worker as Social Reformer and Ethnographer as Exemplified in the Life and Work of Jessie A. Ackermann
Nominated by: Dr. Marie Tedesco
Committee members:
  • Dr. Marie Tedesco, Chair
  • Ms. Norma Myers Riddle
  • Dr. Tommy D. Lee, II

Sean Rife

Sean Rife Name: Sean Rife
Outstanding Thesis in Education & Social Science: Sexual Assault, Perceived Stigma, and Christian Fundamentalism: Understanding Support Seeking Among Victims
Nominated by: Dr. Stacey L. Williams
Committee members:
  • Stacey L. Williams, Ph.D., Chair
  • Peggy Cantrell, Ph.D.
  • Jon Webb, Ph.D.

Sai Konda

Sai Konda Name: Sai Konda
Outstanding Thesis in Math, Science & Technology: Computational Investigation of Spin Traps Using Hybrid Solvation Models
Nominated by: Dr. Scott Kirkby
Committee members:
  • Dr. Scott Kirkby, Chair
  • Dr. Jeffrey Wardeska
  • Dr. David Young
  • Dr. David Close

Jingru Sun

Jingru Sun Name: Jingru Sun
Outstanding Dissertation: Nectin-1 is Degraded in Chlamydia trachomatis -infected Genital Epithelial Cells and is Required for Herpes Simplex Virus Co-infection-induced C. trachomatis Persistence
Nominated by: Dr. Robert Schoborg
Committee members:
  • Dennis M. Defoe, Ph.D.
  • Russell J. Hayman, Ph.D.
  • Douglas P. Thewke, Ph.D.
  • Priscilla B. Wyrick, Ph.D.

Timothy Selby

Timothy Selby Name: Timothy Selby
Outstanding Capstone: Coca-Cola Advertising and American Popular Culture: The Long Road Up to the Hilltop
Nominated by: Dr. Marie Tedesco
Committee members:
  • Dr. Marie Tedesco, Chair
  • Dr. Jill Le-Roy Frazier
  • Dr. Amy Collins

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