ETSU School of Graduate Studies and Graduate Council Outstanding Thesis, Dissertation, and Capstone Awards (2010-2011)

Award Recipients

Stacie Woolard

Name: Stacie Woolard
Outstanding Dissertation: The Multifaceted Contributions of Natural Killer vCells During Herpes Simplex Type-1 Viral Infection
Nominated by: Dr. Uday Shankar
Committee members:
  • Dr. Robert V. Schoborg
  • Dr. Udayasankar Kumaraguru
  • Dr. Priscilla B. Wyric
  • Dr. Jonathan P. Moorman
  • Dr. Dennis M. Defoe

Audrey Peters

Name: Audrey Peters
Outstanding Thesis Arts/Humanities : Pro Patria: Fatherhood and Fatherland in Chimamanda Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus
Nominated by: Dr. Phyllis Thompson
Committee members:
  • Dr. Phyllis Thompson, Chair
  • Dr. Shawna Lichtenwalner
  • Dr. Karen Cajka

Kathryn Duvall

Name: Kathryn Duvall
Outstanding Thesis Education/Social Science:
Nominated by: Dr. Kelly A. Dorgan
Committee members:
  • Dr. Kelly A. Dorgan, Chair
  • Dr. Sadie Hutson
  • Dr. Amber Kinser

Diwaker Tripathi

Name: Diwaker Tripathi
Outstanding Thesis Math, Science& Technology :
Nominated by: Dr. Dhirendra Kumar
Committee members:
  • Dr. Dhirendra Kumar
  • Dr. Cecilia A. McIntosh
  • Dr. Bert Lampson
  • Dr. David Close

Kathryn W. Hayes

Name: Kathryn W. Hayes
Outstanding Capstone :
Nominated by: Dr. Marie Tedesco
Committee members:
  • Dr. Marie Tedesco
  • Dr. Amy Collins
  • Dr. Norma Myers Riddle
  • Dr. Jill LeRoy-Frazier

Recipients with Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Cecelia McIntosh

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