ETSU School of Graduate Studies
Student Research Grants

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  1. Increase sources of financial support for ETSU graduate student research
  2. Increase profile of graduate education at ETSU
  3. Help promote excellence in graduate education


Accept applications from graduate students for research grants to support graduate student thesis or dissertation research projects. The minimum amount for the award is $500, the maximum amount is $800 and up to 8 will be awarded each year depending upon availability of funds.


  1. Graduate students conducting thesis or dissertation research as part of their graduate program are eligible to apply.
  2. The student must have completed at least one semester of graduate enrollment, be in good standing (have minimum graduate GPA of 3.0) at the time the award is made (April 1st), and have chosen a graduate committee chair and/or their program advisory committee. Grants should be available in July.
  3. Doctoral students may receive the award twice during their program of study at ETSU; Master’s students may only receive the award once.
  4. Preference for larger awards will be given to students working on projects and/or with mentors with no other source of funding.


Applications will be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies. Application form/instructions must be included. Please click on the following link:

  1. In late October each year, an email will be sent to program coordinators, graduate faculty, and graduate students announcing the research grant opportunity and providing application information.
  2. Applications are due March 1st.
  3. The application ( will consist of a research prospectus (3 page maximum; 1-inch margins, 12 point font or greater) giving a brief background on the area, identifying the research problem, describing the research to be conducted and its potential impact on the field (what will be learned and why is it important to know?).
  4. The application will also include a one-page detailed budget and budget rationale. Budget items must be related to items necessary for successful completion of the applicant’s thesis/dissertation research. Examples include research supplies, copying of survey documents, library copy charges, travel for data collection purposes, etc. Items not allowed include hourly compensation for work performed, food, or publication charges.
  5. The application must be signed by the student’s graduate thesis/dissertation advisory committee chair.
  6. The application materials must be sent to the attention of Associate Dean Karin Bartoszuk, School of Graduate Studies ETSU Box 70720, Johnson City, TN 37614 or via email at


  1. Applications will be reviewed in early March by a committee chaired by a member of the ETSU Graduate Council and composed of ETSU graduate faculty members. The committee chair and Associate Dean Bartoszuk will consult and invite faculty to serve on this committee each year.
  2. Grant recipients (up to 8, depending upon availability of funds) will be chosen by April.


  1. Grant recipients will be notified through a letter from the School of Graduate Studies. Notification will occur by the beginning of April. Copies of the letter will be sent to their advisory committee chair and their departmental chair. An award ceremony will be held later in April to recognize award recipients.
  2. Press releases will be sent to the ETSU student newspaper and community newspapers.


  1. Grant accounts will be set up under the major professor’s name for supplies and/or materials. Supplies/material will be paid for via e-Bucs.
  2. Grant recipients must include acknowledgement of support from the ETSU School of Graduate Studies Research Grant program in their thesis/dissertation and in any publications resulting from their thesis/dissertation research.

List of Research Grant Recipients