ETSU School of Graduate Studies and ETSU Graduate Council Research Grant Recipients (2006-2007)

Award Recipients

Jordan Baker

Name: Jordan Baker
Graduate Program: M.S. Biology
Topic: A Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of the Genus Tsuga (Pinaceae).
Advisor: Dr. Tim McDowell

Alexander Eddo

Name: Alexander Eddo
Graduate Program: M.S. Biology
Topic: Characterization of the Pathways Leading to Synthesis of Salicylic Acid in Plants Resisting Pathogen Infection
Advisor: Dr. Dhirendra Kumar

Nina King

Name: Nina King
Graduate Program: M.S.Speech-Language Pathology
Topic: Temperament Characteristics of Premature Children
Advisor: Dr. Kerry Proctor-Williams

Amanda Lewis

Name: Amanda Lewis
Graduate Program: M.A. History
Topic: Revolution in Kenya: Mau Mau in a Global Context
Advisor: Dr. Melvin Page

Jennifer Mongold

Name: Jennifer Mongold
Graduate Program: M.A.Clinical Psychology
Topic: Suicidal Ideation and Reasons for Living: The Effects of Childhood Victimization and Family Environment
Advisor: Dr. Jon Ellis

Ms. April Nye

Name: Ms. April Nye
Graduate Program: M.S. Technology-Geoscience
Topic: Mega Fauna of Guy Wilson Cave, Sullivan County, Tennessee
Advisor: Dr. Steven Wallace

Brianna Sheppard

Name: Brianna Sheppard
Graduate Program: M.A. Psychology
Topic: Nicotine-Conditioned Context and Nicotine Sensitization
Advisor: Dr. Russell Brown

Joellyn Smith

Name: Joellyn Smith
Graduate Program: M.A. Communicative Disorders
Topic: An Extension of Enhanced Milieu Teaching to Speech Impaired Children
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Scherer

Audrey Taylor

Name: Audrey Taylor
Graduate Program: M.S. Clinical Nutrition
Topic: Elementary School Wellness Concept in Rural East Tennessee: Evaluation & Implementation.
Advisor: Elizabeth Lowe

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