ETSU School of Graduate Studies and ETSU Graduate Council Research Grant Recipients (2008-2009)

Award Recipients

Jala Daniel

Jala Daniel Name: Jala Daniel
Degree Program: Biomedical Sciences; Physiology
Topic: Determining secondary product glucosyltransfearase expression during Citrus paradisi growth and development
Advisor: Dr. Cecilia McIntosh

Bupe Martha Habiyambere

Bupe Martha Habiyambere Name: Bupe Martha Habiyambere
Degree Program: Biology
Topic: Effect of stress on mucin expression in the gastrointestinal tract of mice
Advisor: Dr. E. Onyango

Sai Sriharsha Konda

Sai Sriharsha Konda Name: Sai Sriharsha Konda
Degree Program: Chemistry
Topic: Quantum chemistry calculations of spin traps using hybrid salvation models
Advisor: Dr. Scott Kirkby

Lesia Kowalyk

Lesia Kowalyk Name: Lesia Kowalyk
Degree Program: Exercise Physiology
Topic: The effectiveness of respiratory muscle training using two different modalities – the Threshold IMT® Inspiratory Muscle Trainer and Pranayama yoga breathing exercises
Advisor: Dr. David Arnall

Tammy Mercure

Tammy Mercure Name: Tammy Mercure
Degree Program: Art and Design; Studio Arts
Topic: Big Rock Candy Mountain: Photographs of Appalachian Tourism
Advisor: Mike Smith

Lok Raj Pokhrel

Lok Raj Pokhrel Name: Lok Raj Pokhrel
Degree Program: Biology
Topic: Mapping the skin patterns of two sympatric populations of ambystomatid salamanders, Ambystoma maculatum and A. opacum from Tennessee: Quantitative assessment of developmental stability
Advisor: Dr. Istvan Karsai

Jessica Jane Smith

Jessica Jane Smith Name: Jessica Jane Smith
Degree Program: Psychology
Topic: The effects of chronic nicotine treatment in a mouse model of depression
Advisor: Dr. Russ Brown

Stacie Woolard

Stacie Woolard Name: Stacie Woolard
Degree Program: Biomedical Sciences; Microbiology
Topic: Specific activation of NK cells in vivo will aid in the immune recall response to HSV
Advisor: Dr. Uday Kumaraguru

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