ETSU School of Graduate Studies and ETSU Graduate Council Research Grant Recipients (2009-2010)

Award Recipients

Fadel Adoe

Fadel Adoe Name: Fadel Adoe
Degree Program: Computer Science
Topic: Computer Simulation of Wasps' Nest Building Process
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Wallace

Roger Blackwell

Roger Blackwell Name: Roger Blackwell
Degree Program: Community Health
Topic: Exploring the Relationship between Social Stigma and Health Outcomes among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Rural Appalachia
Advisor: Dr. Maryann Littleton

Ashley Browning

Ashley Browning Name: Ashley Browning
Degree Program: Sociology
Topic: Getting Clean: A Study of the Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Clinics in Appalachia
Advisor: Dr. Leslie McCallister

Prasanna Dadi

Prasanna Dadi Name: Prasanna Dadi
Degree Program: Biology
Topic: Inhibition of ATPase Activity of Escherichia coli ATP Synthase by Natural and Modified Polyphenols
Advisor: Dr. Zulfigar Ahmad

Zhengke Li

Zhengke Li Name: Zhengke Li
Degree Program: Biochemistry
Topic: ATR or ATR Checkpoints Regulates NER in Response to UV Damage via Modulation of the Translocation and Phosphorylation of XPA Protein
Advisor: Dr. Scott Champney

Courtney Netherland

Courtney Netherland Name: Courtney Netherland
Degree Program: Biochemistry
Topic: Cannabinoid Receptor, CB2, Modulates TNF-α induced Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation
Advisor: Dr. Doug Thewke

Lisa M. Smithgall

Lisa M. Smithgall Name: Lisa M. Smithgall
Degree Program: Nursing
Topic: Perceptions of Maternal Stress and High Risk Neonatal Patient Outcomes in a Single Private Room versus Open Room Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Environment
Advisor: Dr. Joellen Edwards

Preston Visser

Preston Visser Name: Preston Visser
Degree Program: Psychology
Topic: Influence of Mindfulness and Basic Psychological Needs on Treatment Adherence and Satisfaction of Veterans Being Treated for Chronic Hepatitis C
Advisor: Dr. Jameson Hirsch

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