Graduate Student Award for Service Projects that Enhance The Public Good (2010)

Service Projects that Enhance the Public Good

Carol B. Patton
Department of Technology and Geomatics

Project 2009 Blue Blum Animation Festival

Nominated by Dr. Andrew Clark


The Blue Plum Animation Festival was initiated in 2005 with the intent to bring a new form of art to the Blue Plum Music and Arts Festival in the form of a contest where animations are submitted from around the world. Carol was the third general student manager of the festival and made significant improvements in the process of managing the festival. Carol effectively managed the intense 9-month process leading up to the event, and produced a Blue Plum Animation Festival Process Book for the next student managers. The Animation Festival provides an excellent opportunity to build a relationship between "Town and Gown" and provides an opportunity to highlight digital media education, where ETSU excels.