New Graduate Student Information


Please let us help you at the School of Graduate Studies, (423) 439-4221.

Adult, Computer, and Transfer Services — A.C.T.S. offers commuting student services, including car pool listings, off-campus housing listings, transit schedules, area maps, and childcare information, 423-439-5641.

Admission: Graduate students should know their admission category (admitted unconditionally, admitted conditionally, admitted non-degree), and any special restrictions related to their admission category. Non-degree students can transfer no more than nine hours into a graduate degree program. Conditionally-admitted students have to complete special requirements in order to maintain their standing in their degree program. You will find your admission category in your admission letter.

Campus Map: An interactive map of the ETSU campus is available online at:

D2L: Desire to Learn, or D2L, is the e-learning site for many courses at ETSU. For login and other information, visit To access D2L, go to

Directions to ETSU, Johnson City, TN
  • Coming from the north, south and west, use I-81.

  • Exit onto I-26 toward Johnson City/Asheville.

  • Take exit 24 onto University Parkway and follow the signs to campus.

  • Coming from the east, take I-26 from Asheville, N.C., then Exit 24 onto University Parkway. Follow the signs to campus.

E-mail and Computer Accounts: All ETSU students have Goldmail e-mail accounts and receive important campus messages through these accounts. For information about your Goldmail account, go to

Recent applicants to the university who are not yet registered for classes can access Goldmail by first activating their accounts. To activate an account, or reset your password, both applicants and registered students should visit This page will ask for the ETSU identification number (E-number), date of birth, and other information to confirm your identity. Usernames and identification numbers are provided to new students in their admission letters. This action also resets a student’s domain account password – the account used to log into Goldlink, campus computers, Desire2Learn, wi-fi, and most other ETSU services. Please note that applicants may not have full access to some campus computing resources (such as wireless and Desire2Learn) until they have registered for classes using Goldlink.

eRate: Starting in Fall 2010, out-of-state students taking exclusively online courses are eligible for a new, lower tuition rate (eRate), 150% of the in-state maintenance fee. Students should apply for the rate through the Office of eLearning (Online Student Success Coordinator,, 439-8611,

Fee Payment: You can pay fees online, by mail, or in person. Bills for tuition and fees are not mailed to students. To see your account statement, visit To pay online, you must use Visa, Discover, or Master Card and have a student ID number. You can mail checks to Office of the Comptroller, Box 70719, ETSU, Johnson City, TN 37614. Be sure to mail your check in time to be received in the Comptroller's Office before the payment deadline. To pay in person, see a cashier in the Comptroller's Office, 202 Burgin Dossett Hall.

Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Scholarships: Excellent sources of financial aid for qualified graduate students are graduate assistantships and tuition scholarships. Ask your graduate coordinator if you are eligible, and check postings for available positions at

Also, be sure to know the rules for these positions. A handbook for GA/TS positions is available at

Graduate Coordinator: Every graduate student in a degree or certificate program is assigned a graduate coordinator, advisor, or advisory committee. If you do not know the name of your graduate coordinator, please contact your graduate program specialist in the School of Graduate Studies. Non-degree students do not have graduate coordinators, but may wish to speak with one if they are planning an application to a degree program.

Graduate Program Specialists: Seven graduate program specialists in the School of Graduate Studies are assigned to guide students through admission, matriculation, and graduation processes. You will see information about the program specialists at

Health Insurance: An insurance plan is offered for students at TBR institutions. Details are available at or call 423-439-4225.

Housing: For information about student housing options at ETSU, you can call 423-439-4226, or see

ID Cards: Admitted students should go to the ID office on the bookstore level of the Culp University Center to obtain an ID card. For more information, see

ID Number: You will need your student ID number for registration, checking grades, viewing your university account, and other university processes. Please be sure to note your student ID number in your admission letter.

To search for your ID, visit

Immunizations: The State of the Tennessee requires all students enrolled in state colleges and universities to meet immunization requirements before enrollment. See the requirements and needed forms at

Important Dates: Registration dates, thesis deadlines, and other important dates are maintained on the School of Graduate Studies at

Other important dates can be found at the main ETSU calendars at

International Students: International students should be aware of their visa status, visa requirements, and deadlines. Orientations for new international students are offered immediately before the spring and fall semesters by the Office of International Programs, 423-439-7737. New international students with GA/TS positions are required to complete an oral proficiency exam, and should contact Dr. Elhindi, 310 Burleson Hall. For more information, see

Orientation: All new graduate students at ETSU are invited to attend the New Graduate Student Orientation held in the fall during the week before classes begin. Invitations to new graduate students will be sent during the summer.

Parking: For information about parking stickers or campus parking and parking regulations, contact the Parking Services Office, 908 W. Maple St., 423-439-5650.

Registration (GoldLink/Banner Self-Service): Online registration is available through Goldlink, the campus portal to the Self-Service Banner information system. Through Self-Service Banner, students can register for classes, pay fees, manage financial aid, view and request transcripts, view tax documents, and perform many other administrative tasks. Admitted students can access Banner Self-Service through GoldLink at Students can sign in using their domain username and password. Students who do not know their username or need to reset their password can do so at

Students can also register in person at the Registrar’s Office, 102 Burgin Dossett Hall, 423-439-4230.

Residency: We ask that all students who wish to claim in-state residency complete a Residency Inquiry Form. Without completing this form, you will be charged out-of-state tuition The form is due before the second week of classes during fall and spring terms (and earlier during summer terms), and it is available in our office, or at

Residency - Border County: Residents of seven bordering counties in North Carolina and four bordering counties in Virginia can request the in-state tuition rate. The completed form is due before the second week of courses and should be accompanied with a residency inquiry form. and