Scholarship for Thesis or Dissertation

Submit completed application, to the School of Graduate Studies, (Box 70720, 309 Dossett Hall, by: July 1 (for Fall Semester Scholarships)
November 1 (for Spring Semester Scholarships)
April 1 (for Summer Semester Scholarships)


  1. The goal of the thesis/dissertation scholarships is to support students who are writing their thesis or dissertation.
  2. The scholarship is designed to encourage timely graduation.


  1. The scholarship is limited to one semester (3-6 graduate credit hours for thesis/dissertation or readings and research).
  2. The scholarship will cover tuition only.


  1. The student must be admitted to candidacy.
  2. Applicants cannot hold GA/TS positions concurrently with this scholarship.
  3. Applicants must be entering what they anticipate to be their final semester in their program of study.
  4. Please note: This scholarship is intended to support the completion of theses and dissertations by graduate students at ETSU. Priority will be given to students who need only to finish their thesis and dissertation in order to graduate from their program. It is available for one term and cannot be renewed or held more than one time.

Required Application Material:

  1. A letter of support from thesis/dissertation committee chair that includes the following:
    1. Detailed description of support needed (time, writing, etc.).
    2. Description on how the scholarship would benefit the student’s progress.
    3. Anticipated date of thesis/ dissertation defense.
  2. Copy of thesis/dissertation proposal/prospectus, or available draft.
  3. A letter from the graduate student that includes a detailed timeline that outlines progress as well as graduation date.
  4. Fill out the application form located here.

Post-Award Requirements (Students will submit the following):

  1. Detailed description of progress to the School of Graduate Studies; (monthly during Fall/Spring, bimonthly during Summer I and II). Including copies of each draft during the scholarship semester.
  2. Report (at the end of the scholarship semester) including progress made and timeline for oral defense and submission of thesis/dissertation to School of Graduate Studies.
  3. After the scholarship semester, a final report will be required that details when benchmarks were reached.