Technical Assistance

Computer Labs:

There are several student computer labs throughout the ETSU campus that offer knowledgeable staff to help you troubleshoot your technical issues.  For a list of the staffed labs and their hours, click here:


  1. Get resourceful.  Call up your technically inclined peers, friends, or relatives for help. 
  2. Try Google or any other search engine.  Type in your question and 9 times out of 10 someone else had the same issue and has posted a solution.
  3. Still stumped? E-mail


Need Help Creating a Map?

The Department of Geosciences can help!  GIS (Geographic Information Systems) specialists are on campus to help you with your GIS and mapping needs.

Spring 2015 Office Hours:  Monday 3-5pm, Tuesday 2:15-4:15pm, Wed 3-5pm, Thursday 2:15-4:15pm.                                        

Ross Hall, Room 323 (GIS Lab)

No appointment necessary during office hours.  Contact Help Desk Manager, Amy M. Poole for more information.



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