Help with Writing

Tutorial services in writing are now available through the Center for Academic Achievement in Sherrod Library. Graduate students can make an appointment with a graduate writing tutor who can review a chapter or part of a chapter during a session (typically 45 minutes) for clarity, fluency, grammatical correctness and style.

  • make multiple appointments with the same tutor, if possible; spread these sessions over a period of a couple of weeks to allow time for revision.
  • bring a "hard copy" of your work with you to each session: editing can be done much more efficiently on paper than on a computer screen.

Make an Appointment

You can make an appointment by calling 439-7111 or by going to the Center for Academic Achievement website: — make sure to select "Writing - Graduate" under scheduling focus on the online schedule or to tell the office worker making the appointment that you need to work with a graduate writing tutor .


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