Graduate and Professional Student Association

Constitution and By-Laws

Article I - Name and Description of the organization

Section (1) The name of the organization shall be the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) of East Tennessee State University (ETSU).

Section (2) The GPSA is an organization for all students pursuing a post-baccalaureate degree at ETSU.

Article II - Function of the organization

Section (1) The GPSA will provide representation in the governance structure of ETSU for all students seeking post-baccalaureate degrees at ETSU.

Section (2) The GPSA will act as an orientation service agency for incoming ETSU post-baccalaureate students and will provide a support group for post-baccalaureate students already enrolled who encounter difficulties on campus.

Section (3) The GPSA will serve as source for information about research and graduate study and will provide support for the professional activities of its members when possible.

Article III - Membership Qualifications

Section (1) Full membership in the GPSA shall be open to any person currently matriculated in a post-baccalaureate degree at ETSU.

Section (2) Associate membership shall be available to those persons engaged in non-degree and special post-baccalaureate degree studies at ETSU.

Section (3) Yearly membership dues will be assessed at the beginning of the Fall semester. The amount of the dues shall be set by the Executive Council of the GPSA (Article IV). Membership will normally be from September of one year through August of the ensuing year if the student continues in registration at ETSU. Students entering ETSU beginning in the Spring or summer terms may pay a prorated amount for dues. Their membership in GPSA shall be from the semester in which they join GPSA until the next full academic year begins.

Article IV - Meetings

Section (1) Full membership meetings shall be held at least once per semester. The Executive Council shall set the agenda for the meeting.

Article V - Executive council

Section (1) The Executive Council members shall be responsible for establishing goals and objectives of the GPSA and for setting policy to execute such objectives. The Executive Council will designate the form and function of any GPSA committees, standing or non-standing.

Section (2) The Executive Council of the GPSA shall be comprised of representatives from each college of ETSU. To be eligible to serve as a representative the person must be matriculated in a post- baccalaureate program within one of the colleges of ETSU and be a member in good standing of the GPSA.

Section (3) Terms on the Executive Council of GPSA shall be for I calendar year. Council members may succeed themselves.

Section (4) Representation on the Executive Council shall be proportional to the number of students enrolled in the graduate programs of the various colleges and will normally be similar to the number of representatives from each college on the Graduate Council of ETSU.

Section (5) Selection of the college representatives shall be determined by vote of the post-baccalaureate students within each college on a yearly basis. Elections will be held in Spring semester of each year for terms to begin in the Fall.

Section (6) In the event of a mid-term vacancy on the Executive Council, a replacement will be selected by the Executive Council from a list of volunteers from the college requiring a replacement member of the Council.

Section (7) Officers of the Executive Council shall be a president, vice president, secretary, and a treasurer. They shall be elected by the members of the executive council at the first meeting of the council for the academic year and will serve for a one-year term.

Section (8) The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies or her/his designate shall serve as advisor to the GPSA and sit on the Executive council in a non- voting, advisory capacity.

Section (9) The Executive Council of GPSA shall meet once per month. Meetings may also be called by the chairperson at the request of any member of the executive council.

Section (10) The role(s) of the President shall be to serve as the chief officer of the GPSA. He/she will be responsible for presiding over executive council meetings and general meetings.

Section (11) The role(s) of the Vice President shall be to stand in as the acting chief officer for the President at meetings/events that the President is unable to attend. His/her responsibilities also include scheduling social and professional development events for the GPSA.

Section (12) The role(s) of the Treasurer shall be to act as chief officer of the Budget Committee and will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of funding for the GPSA.

Section (13) The role(s) of the Secretary shall be to keep minutes of GPSA meetings (both Executive Committee Meetings and General Meetings) and he/she will also be responsible for any advertising/marketing/publicity of all GPSA sponsored events.

Article VI - Amendments

Section (1) This constitution and by-laws may be amended in the following manner. Any GPSA member may submit a proposed change to Executive Council. The Executive Council will submit the amendment to the membership of GPSA in the form of a written proposal and will call a special general meeting to be held within two (2) weeks after distribution of the written proposal to the GPSA membership. The amendment will be adopted upon approval by fifty per cent (50%) of the GPSA members attending the special called meeting.

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