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Senior Honors Scholars Thesis Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to do an Honors Thesis?

This decision lies with the student. An Honors student that does not complete an Honors Thesis may graduate from ETSU with a regular diploma (i.e., reference to University Honors Scholars will not appear on your diploma or transcript). The decision NOT to do a thesis is, in effect, a withdrawal from the Honors Scholars Program, and scholarship funds for the senior year will be revoked.

Is there a standard format for the Honors Thesis, similar to that for a Masters thesis?

No. It is advised that the thesis be written as for publication (professional journal in the discipline, or manuscript-ready book) with accessory materials placed in an appendix at the end of the thesis. Creativity in format is okay, just check with the Honors Director first! A specific format for the title page isn�t required, but a sample is attached to these guidelines that you may use.

What kind of binding is appropriate?

Most Honors students have their thesis spiral-bound with a soft cover. A few have made hard-back books, but that is not required! If you have other ideas, just check with the Honors Director.

When do I call and ask questions about the thesis?

AFTER you have read these guidelines!

These guidelines and suggestions are intended to ensure that the Honors College Student, Thesis Professor, and Directors of the Honors College Programs share the same expectations. However, the control of these projects rests primarily with you, the student. The Honors College Directors, Dean, or Curriculum Coordinator are available to answer any questions and assist in this process in any way you require. You also will find the Honors College open to suggestions & experimentation! Please feel free to call or email at any time.

University Honors Scholars Program
Midway Honors Scholars Program

Dr. Joy Wachs, Director
Campus Box 70294
Ada Earnest House

Fine & Performing Arts Scholars
Scott Koterbay, Director
Campus Box 70589
207 Yoakley Hall

Honors-in-Discipline Programs
Karen Kornweibel, Director
Campus Box 70589
201 Yoakley Hall

Honors College Dean
Dr. Rebecca A. Pyles
Campus Box 70589
131 Yoakley Hall

Honors College Curriculum Coordinator
Daniel Hedden
Campus Box 70589
126 Yoakley Hall

USPS Mailing Address:
The Honors College at
East Tennessee State University
PO Box 70589
Johnson City, TN 37614-1708

Phone: 423.439.6076
Fax: 423.439.6080
email:  Honors College

Street Addresses of The Honors College offices:
  Administration: Yoakley Hall, Room 129
161 S. Dossett Drive
University & Midway Scholars: Ada Earnest House
310 S. Dossett Drive
Honors-in-Discipline Programs: Yoakley Hall, Room 206
161 S. Dossett Drive
Fine & Performing Art Scholars: Yoakley Hall, Room 206
161 S. Dossett Drive
Undergraduate Research: Yoakley Hall, Room 129
161 S. Dossett Drive
International Programs & Services: Yoakley Hall, Room 122
161 S. Dossett Drive