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Message from the Dean

Dean-elect Rebecca
Rebecca A. Pyles, Ph.D.

Since our official beginning July 1, 2005, we�ve made lots of progress in many different directions and had some unplanned outcomes (please review our comprehensive report) . We are proud of the accomplishments of our �honors team� of staff and our students, but we also have many plans to learn more and do more.  Here are a few updates on our progress:

       Our honors student population at ETSU has grown---we now support 424 student scholars (as compared to 252 previously).  Our growth includes exceptional freshman classes in the Fine & Performing Arts and University Honors programs, as well as a new class of great transfer students in our Midway Honors Scholars Program and promising new students in a variety of Honors-in-Discipline programs across campus. 

       Efforts last year resulted in a largest ever increase in undergraduate students across campus involved in undergraduate research & creative activities, including our first two Undergraduate Summer Research Fellows (see www.etsu.edu/honors/research/students/spotlight.asp) and over 123 students attending professional conferences to present the results of their projects. 

       We sent more students on Study Abroad last year than any previous year; welcomed more international students to campus than ever before (with help of our new International Friendship Families program); hosted three international delegations at ETSU and signed major exchange agreements with five international partners. 

       On top of all that�we are happy to have the first floor our new home occupied---International Programs & Services is located in the West wing 1st floor of Yoakley Hall and the administrative offices are located in the Yoakley 1st floor East wing. 

Plans for this year are expanding, even as I write this!  Some of our projects and programs include:

       a week of celebration for International Education Week;

       initiation of a program supporting innovation in the classroom called the Honors-Sponsored Course program;

       initiation of a Research Abroad program that couples research grants and study abroad scholarships for qualified students from across campus;

       initiation of a student-oriented, searchable database filled with descriptions of research and scholarly projects of our faculty that represent opportunities for student involvement;

       new developments in international partnerships, as well as planning for integration of international educational opportunities for ETSU and international students;

       expansion of recruitment efforts to new geographical areas and educational institutions;

       and hopefully, this year also will include renovations of the 2nd floor of Yoakley Hall to provide more student space----a study/library, room for a future computer lab, and two seminar-style classrooms---as well as offices for more of our staff, Honors College Faculty Fellows, and International Scholars visiting ETSU.

As a potential or current student, your college experience at ETSU is the time and the place to discover your true potential and your passion in life.   We hope you�ll look over the many opportunities that the Honors College offers to undergraduate students ACROSS CAMPUS, including support for undergraduate research and for international exchange or study abroad programs.  You don�t need to be participating honors scholar to qualify for these programs.  If you are interested in an honors program, please review our Honors-in-Discipline programs available to current ETSU students. 

TAKE THE CHALLENGE.  We�ll assist, support, encourage and recognize your efforts�but YOU must take the first step.  Feel free to get in touch with me (pylesr@etsu.edu or 439-6076) or any of the wonderful faculty and staff involved in honors programs and opportunities at ETSU. 

USPS Mailing Address:
The Honors College at
East Tennessee State University
PO Box 70589
Johnson City, TN 37614-1708

Phone: 423.439.6076
Fax: 423.439.6080
email:  Honors College

Street Addresses of The Honors College offices:
  Administration: Yoakley Hall, Room 129
161 S. Dossett Drive
University & Midway Scholars: Ada Earnest House
310 S. Dossett Drive
Honors-in-Discipline Programs: Yoakley Hall, Room 206
161 S. Dossett Drive
Fine & Performing Art Scholars: Yoakley Hall, Room 206
161 S. Dossett Drive
Undergraduate Research: Yoakley Hall, Room 129
161 S. Dossett Drive
International Programs & Services: Yoakley Hall, Room 122
161 S. Dossett Drive