Honors-in-Discipline Scholars

Honors-in-Discipline (HID) programs are specially designed, in-depth, hands-on programs offered within a variety of degree programs at ETSU. HID Scholars work with a Program Coordinator in their discipline, receive special advising and priority registration, are members of the Honors College community, and become eligible for special opportunities and scholarships. Other benefits of Honors-in-Discipline programs include 24/7 access to a HID computer lab and study rooms, and honors graduation and transcript recognition.

HID Scholars take a minimum of 18 hours of honors coursework in the discipline. This coursework generally counts toward the student's major, allows each student to work closely with faculty in the discipline, and includes hours earned during the completion of an Honors Thesis. All Honors-in-Discipline programs require the Senior Honors Thesis, but thesis projects vary by discipline; they result from a research or creative project the scholar undertakes under the direction of faculty in the discipline.

Entering freshmen, transfers, and currently enrolled ETSU students are all eligible to apply for HID programs. Remember that specific eligibility requirements vary by program.

Honors-in-Discipline Graduates Roger Thompson Presents His Research