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Honors-Enriched Course Guidelines

The Honors College promotes and supports ambitious academic goals for talented and motivated undergraduate students, as well as innovative teaching, mentoring, and scholarship by our faculty. The various formal Honors programs at ETSU are designed to provide unique educational opportunities for academically and artistically talented students. Our goals focus on recruiting exceptional students, nurturing their intellectual growth through challenging curricula, promoting their commitment to lifelong learning and service, and instilling the desire to advance knowledge in their chosen fields. The Honors programs enlist exceptional faculty who are provided opportunities to promote innovative and creative approaches to teaching and one-on-one mentoring in their classrooms and laboratories.

In some instances, designated Honors courses cannot be offered for Honors students, especially in particular programs.  As an alternative, departments may offer "honors-enriched" sections of regular courses.  These sections are indicated as "-088".  This system has been devised for two reasons: 

  1. to signal the Registrar's Office to add "Honors" to the course title for -088 honors-enriched sections for the student transcript; and
  2. to track honors student progress to graduation requirements. 

Students who wish to enroll in an honors-enriched section must first obtain approval and participation of the professor teaching the course.  The student and professor arrange for additional coursework or experiences to provide an honors-enriched component of the course (see below for more information).  Once this agreement is reached, the course section must be put in the schedule.  If planned in advance, the section can be listed by the department in the normal process.  If not planned, then the honors-enriched section must be added by the Registrar's Office. 

HOW TO:  Honors-Enriched Sections in advance

If planned in advance, the easiest approach is to include an honors-enriched section of a course in the regular class schedule.  The course section meets at the same time and location and professor as the regular section, but is designated "-088".  Example:

      Regular section =  MATH 1910-001, TR 9:30-11:00am, Dr. Staff

      Honors Enriched

                 Fall or Spring = MATH 1910-088, TR 9:30-11:00am, Dr. Staff

Honors-enriched sections should be BY PERMIT ONLY (APPROVAL OF INSTRUCTOR).  The student should request a permit from the professor in order to enroll; or the professor may request the department chair or executive aide (it varies by department) to enter a permit for the student(s) prior to open enrollment times.

HOW TO:  Honors-Enriched Sections after schedule deadline

The same system of numbering and scheduling applies if an honors-enriched section needs to be added "last minute." Again, the professor first must approve the arrangement and be willing to work with the student. The professor should then contact the department chair and/or executive aide to request the -088 section and confirm approval. The only difference here is that the honors-enriched section needs to be written up on a BLUE CARD ("Request for Course Schedule Change") and submitted through the appropriate Dean's Office to the Registrar. The Registrar will enter the course in the main system, after which permits for students can be added by departments. Such "last minute" honors-enriched sections should also be BY PERMIT ONLY.  The Registrar will place "Honors" on the transcript course title for students enrolled in these sections. 

Honors-Enrichment Activities

To make a regular course an honors-enriched course and to receive appropriate honors designation, the student and instructor arrange special assignments or activities to expand the diversity or coverage of the regular course.  This is similar to arrangements made for graduate students in courses that include undergraduates.  The honors-enriched designation should provide the student with an opportunity to think carefully and critically about course content and format, resulting in an enriched academic experience.  The intent is not to "just" add assignments, but to arrange activities that expand the experience for the student.  Possible examples of student activities include the following:

  • greater and more intensive out-of-class interaction with the instructor, such as weekly discussions of a current reading from the primary literature for the field of study;

  • projects/experiments not part of the regular course;

  • case studies/written report on a special research project;

  • oral presentation or "lecture" to the class on special topic or research effort;

  • actually teaching of a few laboratory or discussion meetings;

  • major term paper on a special topic;

  • community service project.

In general, other than the enrichment experience, the demand on the Honors student should be the same as on the non-Honors students in the class. Departments with formal Honors-in-Discipline programs may have lists of approved activities for honors enrichment; please check with the Honors Coordinator in the department.
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