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Studying abroad under bilateral exchange programs is designed to provide you the opportunity to attend a college or university in another country without having to pay for the high cost of tuition for an overseas institution. You will pay tuition and fees at ETSU; room and board are the financial responsibility of the student and should be paid to the host institution.

ETSU students who participate in study abroad at our exchange universities remain as degree-seeking, registered students at ETSU. Any financial aid that is normally available may be applied to the exchange obligations. Because study abroad is an officially approved program of the university, all courses with their respective credit hours will be recorded on the ETSU transcript as transfer credits. Grades will be recorded as pass or fail. Some institutions require fluency in the country's native language.

Students are eligible to apply for a single semester, or a full year of study abroad. With some of our partner institutions, however, the maximum time allowed is a semester.

To be eligible for participation in the exchange, you must:

1. Have been a full time student at ETSU for at least two semesters

2. Be in good standing socially, financially, and academically

3. Have an earned grade point average of at least 2.50, and

4. Must have completed all your developmental studies courses, if appropriate.

Acceptance into the program will be determined based upon the evaluation of a fully completed application.

Application Deadlines:
Fall Semester Exchange - February 1st
Spring Semester Exchange - Sept 5th

List of Bilateral Partners

Bilateral Exchange Application

Study Abroad Credit Approval Form

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