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2017 Programs Still Pending (Updates Coming Soon!)

CHINA - HIST 4007/5007 

Spend up to 30 days in China, studying in Beijing, Xi'an and elsewhere (as available). Participate in lectures on Chinese language, culture, politics, society and history. Interact with Chinese Students. Study at historical sites such as The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, the Terra Cotta Warriors and much more. 

For more information, please contact  (Brochure)

 FRANCE - FREN 4747/5757 - Paris

This unique opportunity will have you prepare at ETSU before departing for Paris, France to engage in a cultural, lingual, and historical experience. While in Paris, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the subject matter by visit museums and historical and cultural sites. You will plan and lead one visit to a class-related site and explain its historical and cultural significance (graduate students will lead two visits). Students will also participate in arranged discussion groups.

Please email   or read this Brochure for more details. 

ITALY - Architectural History - summer course in Rome, Italy

Immerse yourself in experiential learning - Spend the summer in Rome with ACCENT and ETSU. Explore Italian monuments, churches, museums and galleries, as Rome becomes an extension of your classroom while you are studying art and architecture of the city.

For more information, please contact   or visit

ITALY - ARTA 4117 and 5117 - Art, Culture, & Wood Fired Terracotta - A Two-week Experience at Castello Spannocchia in Tuscany, Italy. 

Contact  (423) 439-5811 for more information. (Brochure)

ITALY - CJCR 4017/5017 - Comparative Criminal Justice - summer course in Rome, Italy

Experience how criminal justice is practiced around the world. You will compare and contrast the criminal justice system in the United States with justice systems in one selected country. You will be introduced to crime as a global problem through analysis of transnational and international crime issues. Using comparative methods of analysis, you will analyze criminal justices systems of a select country and the United States. Come explore an international perspective policing, courts, and corrections.

Contact   for more information or to pick up an application. (Brochure)

JAPAN - Study Japanese in Japan 

This three week trip to Japan will include visits to Kyoto, Nara, and Hiroshima areas. Students will have the chance to learn and improve their Japanese language skills in a variety of settings including visits to places like Kabuki Theater, temples, museums, Sumo wrestling matches, and much more! 

For more information and to sign up, please contact . (Brochure)

 NICARAGUA - EPID 5700 - Interprofessional Perspectives on Global Health - summer course in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

This course addresses the knowledge and skills necessary to work in interprofessional healthcare teams in a global health setting. Topical areas include defining global health and social justice, understanding unique epidemiologic challenges in global health, and health priorities.

For more information, please contact  (Brochure)

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