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Health Insurance

In accordance with the ETSU Board of Trustees Policy on Admissions, "students enrolled pursuant to an F visa must have and maintain medical and hospitalization insurance as a condition of initial and continued enrollment at the institution." Please note that you will be required to purchase health insurance directly from the ETSU Provider or submit a waiver request.  Waivers request will only be considered for private policies whose coverage benefits meet of exceed those provided by the ETSU Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan. 

The cost for insurance coverage per semester is approximately $700.

The health insurance coverage that you purchase at ETSU will not provide you with dental or eye coverage. We strongly recommend that you have a dental and eye examination before departing for the United States.

The current insurance provider for ETSU international student health insurance is United Healthcare Student Resources. 

Please enroll through PGH Global (THIS WEB SITE WILL OPEN FOR FALL ENROLLMENT IN MID JUNE). For step-by-step instructions on how to purchase your coverage, please click here

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